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- €1,500 Voucher towards bike
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Our mission is to help you choose a bike that best suits your needs. Everyone’s knowledge of e-bikes is different, some are novices and some are experts, either way we’re here to meet you on your level. Feel free to ask us anything and let us help you start your e-bike journey today.

Quality Products

We source bikes direct from leading OEM manufacturers which allows us to pass these savings onto you! No intermediaries means you get more quality for less cost. Our bikes are equipped with components from the world’s largest cycling brands like Shimano, Tektro, Samsung, Bafang & Suntour.

After Sales Support

We believe in looking after our customers and building lasting business relationships. Our bricks and mortar store in Dublin 12 means we’re always on hand for any queries after you’ve bought your bike. All our bikes come with a 2 year warranty on electronic components and your first service is free!

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Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Government Cycle to Work Scheme is a scheme designed to give Employers the opportunity to offer their Employees big savings when purchasing a bicycle / electric bike, once every four years for the purposes of primarily commuting to work.

Your Employer is not obliged to offer this scheme, but most do so. The amount you save will depend on the rate of Income Tax you pay. The Employer is invoiced directly for the eBike and buys the bike on your behalf, then deducts the reduced payment amount from your pay packet.

On purchasing an eBike for €1200, you will save €594 off this price if on the 40% tax rate. So you have €606 deducted from your take home pay by your Employer to pay for the eBike.

If on the 20% tax rate, you save €353 and have €846deducted from you take home pay by your Employer to pay for the eBike. Your employer may take this deduction from your pay packet, in a lump sum, over a few months, or over a 12 month period.

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