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Electric Avenue

Having worked in the finance industry for 10 years, Co- Founder David decided on a step change into the e-mobility sector and set about establishing Ireland’s dedicated corporate E-bike facility. Based in Dublin City, we are an Irish start-up with a vision to change the landscape of urban commuting.

The experience of sitting upright in the driver’s seat for hours every day, with the addition of rush hour traffic chaos, road rage, and the vehicle jerking at every stop, can contribute to high psychological and physiological stress for commuters. With headwinds and hilly terrain common in Ireland, many resist the switch to cycling for their daily commute. With the advent of e-bikes however, we quickly saw the potential for an App driven, corporate e-bike fleet that can benefit both organisations and employees alike.

Electric Avenue can help alleviate the stress of urban commuting for the Irish workforce. We work with individuals purchasing their own electric bike or electric scooter, and with companies who wish to provide their workforce with a comfortable, healthy transport option in the form of a centralised, communal e-bike fleet.

Our offices and showroom are open Monday- Saturday. You can learn more about our Business Bike Share schemes by clicking HERE and you can learn more about our retail offering HERE or call us on (01) 524 0640.

Our Numbers


Tonnes of CO2 reduction achieved by replacing an average petrol vehicle with a single e-bike over 1 year. (Source. European Commission, Energy, Change, Climate & Environment)

EU Target

30% - Ireland’s targeted reduction in non-ETS emissions by 2030


Distance you will be able to travel on a full charge.


Warranty on battery and motor for our e-bikes and e-scooters.

Our Research

Across European cities, there has been an explosion in e-mobility over the past 5 years. E-bikes & scooters are becoming commonplace with more and more individuals deciding to purchase an electric bike over a second vehicle or as a replacement for their primary vehicle.

Transportation is Europe’s leading source of GHG emissions, contributing to 27% of its CO2 output. The CSO environmental indicators report shows that Ireland generated 13.3 Tonnes of CO2 emissions per capita in 2017 rendering us the third-worst European country for CO2 emissions per capita.

Cycling provides many benefits while an electric bike reduces difficulties faced by headwinds and hilly terrain. A publication from the Harvard Medical School listed 5 key health benefits from cycling:

It’s easy on the joints
Pedalling provides an aerobic exercise
Cycling builds muscle
Builds endurance for walking & standing
Pedalling builds bone density

We want Ireland to be at the forefront of change, so grab a bike, get fit and take Electric Avenue to a green future!

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