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E-Mobility Hub

An E-mobility Hub is a centralised fleet of shared electric bikes that are available for staff use. Many companies add electric cars & e-cargo bikes for a holistic solution. Electric Avenue provides shared fleets of ebikes to County Councils in Leinster & Munster along with a number of Enterprise clients in Dublin. We brand the fleet with your company logo both on the frame of the bikes and on a Perspex panel attached to both sides of the rear pannier rack.

Electric Avenue Commuter E-Bike Air

Ergonomically designed with a single down tube enabling comfortable mount and dismounting.

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E Bike

All our bikes are constructed to EU standard EN15194 and are designed for communal use. Bikes are delivered to your business location and will be maintained there throughout with regular service intervals and maintenance as required.

Sustainability Report

Electric Avenue can help companies reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions with our annual CO2 report. We will document the Km's travelled by bike and use carbon impact forecasting to calculate reduction in CO2 compared to private cars.


To ensure your fleet is protected we provide trackers with the fleet of bikes. In addition to safety, the trackers allow you log distances travelled by the fleet in order calculate the CO2 savings achieved.

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