Discover the health & performance benefits associated with staff cycling to work

Learn how cycling to work can improve your employees’ daily routine, boosting their mental and physical health.

It’s no secret that we all live an increasingly stressed and unhealthy life, spending hours and hours in front of a screen. Regardless of the type of job and company role, practicing any kind of physical activity is getting harder and harder, but companies can have a key role in making the commute to work for their staff a perfect moment to exercise. You too can contribute to your employee’s health by choosing to form a corporate fleet of electric bikes.

Keep reading and discover all the benefits that regular cycling will give to your employees:

Reducing anxiety and stress 
Practicing cycling allows our body to dissolve psychophysics tensions caused by work, improves mood and fights stress. Many studies show that after just 15 minutes of riding, the production of cortisol – an anxiolytic hormone – is reduced, while the generation of endorphins – natural painkillers released by our brain – is stimulated. Therefore, outdoor activity helps to control emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness, which – unfortunately – are usually widely diffused in many work environments.

Staying fit and active
A good daily ride is an excellent aerobic workout, but no one wants to arrive every morning sweaty and tired at their desk. For this reason, one of the many advantages of electric bikes – compared to traditional vehicles – is that the biker decides how much effort to do, so whether to be more or less helped by the power of the engine. Riding regularly, even with moderate electrical support, burns from 300 to 600 kilocalories per hour and can greatly increase muscle power and resistance to fatigue, all of which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Keeping a sharp mind
Scientists agree that 30 min of aerobic exercise every day produces significant results on our cognitive abilities of memory, reasoning, and tasks management. This cognitive improvement occurs thanks to the development of new capillaries which carry more blood to the brain, allowing a higher cell turnover. This explains why employees who exercise regularly are more focused and organized in their work life.

Increasing time off the road
It is surely much easier and quicker to move from one place to another with an electric bike, especially in bigger cities. A car is faster only in theory, because accidents caused by other drivers, increasingly heavy traffic and difficulty in finding parking, prolong and often double the time needed to travel from home to office. Many studies indicate that, while the speed reached by car in the center of a metropolis is 12 km / h, an electric bike can reach and exceed 20 km / h. Thanks to e-bikes, your staff will be able to cut off the time spent commuting and will have more time for themselves. Discover more benefits associeted to electric bikes in our article.

In conclusion, choosing to purchase a corporate fleet of e-bikes for your employees will guarantee them various advantages for their minds and bodies, while you will benefit from their newfound general well being and improved performances.


Electric Avenue is offering companies a comprehensive mobility solution, lease an e-bike today and see the results. Many staff are in receipt of a travel allowance, car allowance or company car, why not allocate some of this for an e-bike and support sustainable methods of commuting.

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