3 Tips to extend your Electric bike battery life

Find out how to make the most of your electric bike battery life.

We all know the biggest dilemma of bikers who dream of a new e-bike: how long will the battery last? Let’s start by saying that there is no way to exactly calculate the autonomy of your battery: the number of factors influencing this data is too broad to take into account: 

  • Weather conditions (temperature and wind)
  • Road characteristics (gradients and road surface)
  • Condition of components (tire pressure)
  • Driving style (acceleration, cadence, and use of gear)
  • The total weight (rider and load)

However – by following some advice – it is possible to improve it very easily. If you want to learn 3 useful tips to make the most of your e-bike, keep reading!


 Maintain your e-bike at top efficiency

Good bike maintenance affects battery life. Use the gears well, and remember that – just like cars – frequent starting and braking are more fuel-consuming than long journeys at a uniform speed. Reduce the essential weight on your bike and try to keep a pedaling frequency higher than 50 revolutions per minute; these precautions will have an impact on the kilometers available for you. Before leaving, it is always important to also check the pressure of the tires: an appropriately calibrated inflation according to the type of track or terrain, will improve the performance of the e-bike, just like it happens for a common Mountain Bike.


Always plan your rides

If you have a precise path in mind, or if you want to explore a well-known destination, then our advice is to plan your route: calculate in advance the exact number of kilometers and the percentages of climbs and descents. Understand right from the start how much you can ask your engine and charge your battery accordingly. Remember: never leave the battery fully charged or completely discharged for long periods. The ideal is to always leave it with between 30% and 60%.


Treat your battery well

Moderate temperatures are better for your e-bike. To prolong an electric bike battery life, avoid temperature extremes both while using your bike and when you are charging it.

When your e-bike and its battery are at rest, they should not be left at an ambient temperature above 30 degrees: the ideal temperature is within 20 degrees, but never below zero (therefore a cellar or a garage tends to be perfect).

And finally, always try to use an official charger, which ensures proper charging without voltage fluctuations.

If you’re not sure an electric bike is the best solution for you, read our article and discover why you should buy one!



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