Why Electric Bikes Are The Best Commuter Solution in 2020: 5 Facts You Can’t Ignore

1. The Cost of an Electric Bike Works Out Cheaper than Public Transportation

Did you know Dublin has the second highest transport costs in the WORLD? Second only to London, and ranking ahead of New York City and Tokyo.

The average cost of a monthly transport ticket in Dublin is €114.95, which works out at almost €1400 a year, and over €2700 every two years. Our E-bike models range in price from €1,795- €1,895 and come with a 2- year Warranty, meaning that you could save almost €1000 over two years.

If that doesn’t sound like a smart investment, I don’t know what does!

2. The Government Cycle to Work Scheme covers Electric Bikes (Pedelecs) for Commuters.
Under this scheme, workers in Ireland can save up to 51% off the cost of an Electric Bike through their employer!

Learn more about the Cycle to Work Scheme and get a quote tailored to your job and specific bike model here:

3. E-Bikes Promote More Regular Cycling
If you’re already a cyclist, purchasing an ebike could dramatically increase how often you ride (and decrease how often you have to get public transport!) According to a recent study of nearly 2000 e-bike owners in North America, the number of respondents who rode their bikes daily or weekly soared from 55% to 90% after purchasing an e-bike. This study also found that 94% of non- cyclists rode daily or weekly after purchasing an e-bike!

When you’re exhausted and cycling a regular bike feels like a chore, electric bikes allow for longer distance commuting at greater speed.

4. E-Bikes Increase Activity and Fitness Levels
Even for non- cyclists, e-bikes are the perfect solution. Covering 10, even 20 km is simple with an electric assist, and a great way to build endurance and confidence for cycling. E-bikes allow for a gradual increase in physical activity, which is why they’re perfect for commuters: the ride to work can be as strenuous or non- strenuous as you like. No more arriving to work in a bog of sweat after a tough cycle!

4. COVID- 19 has changed the way we commute
As corporations prepare for their employees to return to work post- COVID, sustainable commuter transport is a major concern. Electric bikes and scooters are a safe, efficient and sustainable solution for commuters at this time. To help meet the needs of corporations returning to work, we’ve launched an e-bike corporate leasing scheme!

We hope to partner with companies based in Dublin to provide e-bike fleets for staff. There’s never been a better time to make the switch to micro-mobility and we’re excited to see what the future holds.


Electric Avenue is offering companies a comprehensive mobility solution, lease an e-bike today and see the results. Many staff are in receipt of a travel allowance, car allowance or company car, why not allocate some of this for an e-bike and support sustainable methods of commuting.

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