Why you should buy an electric bike
An e-bike is an investment because it is an exceptional means of transportation that offers you many advantages: you will be able to consistently save a lot in terms of money, time, and unnecessary stress.

Electric bikes, also called e-bikes or pedal-assisted bikes, are an increasingly popular form of transport in our country: over the last years, Ireland has seen a sharp increase in sales since 2020, with thousands of units purchased.

But how are they different from a traditional bicycle? E-Bikes are bicycles equipped with a battery and a small electric motor that allows you to avoid fatigue when necessary. The electric thrust helps you, for example, in restarts or cycling uphill, it doesn’t make you sweat and also enables you to travel greater distances, compared to a normal bike.

These vehicles are a valid alternative to traditional means of transportation, produced with a lower cost than a motorcycle and with practically non-existent battery charging expense. On the market, you can find models for all budgets and all needs.

Discover all the benefits that you will gain if you decide to buy an electric bike:
  • A more enjoyable commute: With electric bikes, you can save hours you would usually spend stuck in traffic, skip endless queues, and avoid parking problems. If you choose a traditional bike, you will probably arrive at work already needing a shower, but with an e-bike, you won’t break a sweat!
  • A healthier lifestyle: Electric bikes have many health benefits, in fact, they allow you to stay fit by including a daily workout in your routine. Furthermore, once you have this kind of vehicle, you are more inclined to use the bike rather than the car – and thus do exercise – even for longer routes.
  • Plenty of money in your pocket: An electric bike costs way less than a car because you don’t have to pay for fuel or parking tickets. Recharging the battery is really cheap and, additionally, you save a lot during the year: cancel the mechanic’s number from your phone, you won’t need it anymore!

In conclusion, let’s not forget the environmental benefits of electric bikes: they do not cause pollution, so our planet will thank you. What are you waiting for? Buy your first electric bike and saddle up!

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Electric Avenue is offering companies a comprehensive mobility solution, lease an e-bike today and see the results. Many staff are in receipt of a travel allowance, car allowance or company car, why not allocate some of this for an e-bike and support sustainable methods of commuting.

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