How CO2 reduction can bolster Corporate Social Responsibility

Globally 9 out of 10 citizens hope to live in a more sustainable and fair world in the post-Coronavirus era. The attention of the public is now very high and companies know it well: there is no business without sincere care and dedication for the future of our planet.

What exactly is Corporate Social Responsibility? 
As it was officially defined in 2001 by the European Community, Corporate Social Responsibility – or CSR – can be described as: “the integration on a voluntary basis by companies of social and environmental concerns in their commercial operations and their relations with interested parties”. In other words, it is a company policy that manages to combine profit with attention to the environment and the wellbeing of our society.

There is no business today that does not have to look after its reputation in the eyes of the public, especially as citizens are becoming increasingly aware and sensitive to social issues like economic and environmental sustainability, even in their consumption choices.

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility beneficial for your business?
CSR generates a series of benefits and advantages not only for people and the environment in general but also for the company itself. If your company chooses to behave ethically and correctly, it can promote respect for human rights along the entire production chain, the more effective management of natural resources and the reduction of environmental impact, with positive effects on communities, suppliers, customers, consumers and the territory. Additionally, your business will develop a great online and offline reputation among your customers and prospects, because they will be aware of your commitment to fair and eco-friendly actions.

How can you bolster the CSR of your company by promoting a low-carbon policy?
Various companies around the world have found different environmental objectives to focus their efforts on, such as the reduction of their CO2 emissions and the improvement of the habits and health of their employees. 

To meet both of these goals, the creation of a corporate fleet composed of electric bikes is an efficient and cost-saving sustainable strategy that you could implement relatively simple for your business. In fact, e-bikes are an environmental-friendly and affordable means of transportation that allows you to lower the quantity of CO2 emitted by your business and – at the same time – allows your staff to become more active and less stressed with the increase of physical activity. 

Discover more about the Role of e-bikes in achieving net-zero emissions in our article.

To sum up, Corporate Social Responsibility represents the future of every company that wants to meet the huge demands for change that individuals and the environment continually advance. By choosing to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, you will take a concrete step towards the protection of our planet.



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