In the LimeLight: Electric Scooters

Searching for a practical, socially distant way to avoid your usual crowded commute?

Not much of a cyclist?

There are such a wide range of options available now to commuters as we navigate our way through ‘The New Normal’.

An electric scooter might be just the right solution for you, here’s a few reasons why:

  • Pure Enjoyment

Electric scooters are so much fun to ride. They are fast, sleek, and require absolutely no physical effort- in fact it is hard to stop smiling when you’re on one.

Electric Scooters unite some of the best elements of driving, commuting, and walking.

Like cars, they have an engine which allows you to travel to work quickly and efficiently, without working up a sweat. Akin to cycling, you can avoid daily traffic congestion, and similarly to walking, you get to start off your day in the great outdoors!

  • Environmentally Friendly

Electric vehicles (scooters, and bikes too!) are environmentally friendly because they are not powered by fossil fuels. Their use of electricity means that emissions per km travelled is much lower than those for a car.

  • Speed

Our electric scooter models can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h. This means that at full speed you could travel a 10 km commute distance in just 20 minutes, or 5km in 10!

  • Simple to Use

There’s a reason electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Scooting is quite literally child’s play- anyone could use one!

Once you stand still and upright, the scooter will help you keep your balance- it’s simple physics!

Electric scooters are relatively easy to carry and control but it’s important to be safe while riding them. While the use of helmets isn’t mandatory in Ireland, we always recommend wearing one while riding an e-scooter. Even though electric scooters are really easy to control, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We stock two electric scooter models: the BRLN and the HMBRG. These top- of the range- scooters have solid features, a powerful engine, little weight and come at a price that is easy on the wallet.

To watch a run through of specs and product review of our Urban BRLN e-scooter model, click here.


Electric Avenue is offering companies a comprehensive mobility solution, lease an e-bike today and see the results. Many staff are in receipt of a travel allowance, car allowance or company car, why not allocate some of this for an e-bike and support sustainable methods of commuting.

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