Why Corporate e-bike sharing is the next big thing

Making e-bikes available to employees, partners and customers, can reduce local transport costs, keep employees active and save their time, especially in short transfers and in the home-work commute.

What if corporate fleets were not only made up of four-wheeled vehicles but also included the use of bikes, aided by an electric motor? Because of the effects of Covid-19 on public transport, the need to distance ourselves, and the passion for cycling exploded among Irish people in the last years, this idea is gaining momentum.

Not only ordinary citizens but also private companies have decided to invest in electric bikes. Numerous entrepreneurs are choosing this path: their end goal is to create an ecosystem in which companies and e-bike producers work together, with the hope of creating new jobs and healthier habits among employees.

If your company needs to make the staff travel in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way, you should consider an innovative technology solution such as corporate e-bike sharing. With this mobility solution, employees are always independent, even if they don’t have a company car, and they don’t need to use rental vehicles or public transportation for business trips. Additionally, they will be able to save, not only travel and fuel costs but also precious time. If you want to learn all the benefits of choosing an electric bike, don’t miss our article.

Corporate e-bike sharing allows companies to optimize their fleet management and significantly reduce fleet-related costs over the long term. Another benefit of this new market is that it makes it possible for businesses to improve their sustainability parameters. In fact in the annual financial statements, companies can indicate the lower quantity of C02 emitted thanks to the sustainable mobility adopted by their employees, who become more active and less stressed with the increase of physical activity. A deal for everyone!

As we have seen, the benefits of corporate e-bikes are enormous for everyone. Companies have employees who are more willing to go to work, and also in a better mood when they arrive at the factory or the office, meanwhile, they can improve their sustainability performances.


Electric Avenue is offering companies a comprehensive mobility solution, lease an e-bike today and see the results. Many staff are in receipt of a travel allowance, car allowance or company car, why not allocate some of this for an e-bike and support sustainable methods of commuting.

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